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5 posts in one day?! Yes:) A little while back, my friend Angie posted about a Drew & Ellie song and about how she wants every HS girl to know that song is sang to them by the God of the universe. It is my favorite Drew & Ellie song. I never put the meaning […]

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Shandy engagements:)

My sweet friend Shannon is going to get married to Andy in less than 2 months!! Let me tell you a story. I used to live with Shannon back in college. I lived with her and Jen in a condo in a sketchy place by campus. Story of everyone’s life that goes to UK. Shannon […]

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Wow I am being a horrible blogger. So many great things have happened lately that I need to write about. I am going to go with a list:) 1. Shannon & Andy are getting married in less than 2 months! She was back a couple weekends ago to celebrate with a bachelorette party and bridal […]

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yankees & a new camera

In all the excitement of YL camp last week, I did not get to mention something wonderful. I got to see the Yankees in Cincinnati! This only happens about once every 3 years, so I was one happy girl. The last real season game I saw of the Yankees was in 6th grade at old […]

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rockbridge 2011:)

I got back from an incredible week of camp this morning at 5am. I want so badly to go back right now with every student we brought. The week really was incredible. The gospel was proclaimed so clearly in every possible way. In the property, the events, the staff, the program, and especially in the […]

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f a c e b o o k