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first chemo down

Hello! It has been awhile. Popping in for a little update.  First chemo went so well. Thank you so much for those of you that were praying about it. We went in last Wednesday to get a port placed and get admitted. We waited all day in pre-op, but got in at the last second. […]

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what a week.

What a week. A whole lot has happened since posting everything last Sunday. If you’re just clicking on this link to read, scroll down and our story starts 3 posts ago. Scott and I have had to make a lot of hard decisions in the past few days. A lot of decision we didn’t see […]

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treatment plans

If you’re just joining in to follow this story, there are 2 blog posts before. You can just scroll down to the 2 previous posts. Last Wednesday we went to the clinic to talk treatment plans with my new team. I had to get a new NP and a care manager, all that. But again, […]

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“You’ve never failed & You won’t start now”

There is a song by Hillsong United that I told Scott I thought was written for me in this battle. My church is doing this series about being brave in storms, the timing is absolutely not a coincidence. You can’t believe in God and believe in coincidence. The song is called Oceans. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. […]

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Where it all started

||FYI: I’ll be taking over the photography blog for a while, as God has me in this different phase of life right now, so it will be used as a place where people can come to find updates/know how to best pray for us. This first post I wrote before we knew all the things […]

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f a c e b o o k