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Hey everyone! So for the past 2 weeks I’ve said almost daily that I would write a blog update, and obviously failed, but not today! All credit probably goes to the 2 units of blood I got yesterday giving me the energy for this. So an update on where we are as far as treatment goes, if you could picture a list with numbered options of treatments on it, we are 3 down the list with 2 options crossed off. So right now we are doing weekly Doxil, which is an IV chemotherapy, but thankfully I haven’t had any typical chemo side effects. We will add another med here soon that will be orally every day, with the fun side effect of turning my hair white (eek!). Please pray that these drugs would be stopping or slowing the cancers growth enough to stay on it. The problems with the other things we’ve tried is that they weren’t slowing it enough.

Since I reported in last, a lot has happened. I had another 900+ mL drained off my right lung, I had a 3 day inpatient stay to get my body used to TPN and lipids so I could get IV nutrition everyday at home. We did great with it in the hospital, but for whatever reason, when we got home and did it (it is an infusion that runs for 8 hours), it made me feel so awful. I threw up every time. So we are going to try without the lipids and see if I can handle it better. It would be a great load off if it would work, because it’s 80% of my nutritional needs, and I need like 4000 calories a day. With no appetite, that is impossible. So I guess another prayer request would be increased appetite/ability to eat and gain weight. I’ve lost around 20 lbs since this all started, which is no good. Looking sickly over here.

We are still waiting on MD Anderson in Texas to call with an appointment, which should be any day now, so I’ll try to keep you posted on that. Yesterday was chemo #2, and we were all ready to go home after, when we learned my hemoglobin was 7, and that I would have to stay to get 2 units of blood. So we ended up being at the hospital for almost 12 hours yesterday, yuck. On our way home Scott let me pick up a pizza, and when we pulled off to get it, we got a flat tire in the parking lot. Our sweet new kitten had been home all day by herself in the laundry room, we were so sad. I have a coworker that thankfully lives right by there that came to the rescue. Scott patched the tire and put it on with the help of her hubby, and we finally made it home.

Oh yeah, you read right. Scott bought a kitten! She’s the tiniest thing ever (can sit on my regular iPhone 6), and so sweet. Her name is waffles. I’ll include a picture.

In other news, my co-workers threw a benefit dinner for me on Monday night at Frida in Covington. It was amazing. They all organized baskets to raffle off, the food was incredible, the entire restaurant voluntarily opened just for us. They also donated $1000. People, seriously go eat there. It’s adorable, amazing food, the sweetest area, you have to go support them. I think the benefit raised over $6000. So thank you so much to everyone who came and who made it happen. Scott and I are so blown away.

On that note, I’ll post a video here because typing words won’t do justice, and we can’t possibly write thank you notes to everyone who has supported us financially through our go fund me page, or just sent checks in. There are hundreds of you, literally. So please, if that’s you, watch the video! You can watch that video here at Vimeo, Go check it out there, please, especially if you are someone who has given to us in any way, shape, or form!

This morning I listened to an old Rend Collective album, and the song Lighthouse came on, and I almost couldn’t believe I didn’t connect the dots sooner. So many people have cast this vision over Scott and I of steering a boat into harbor outrunning a storm, and this song is so perfect for that vision, and so encouraging. My favorite lyrics as I was listening this morning were, “my lighthouse, my lighthouse, shining in the darkness, I will follow you…I will trust the promise you will carry me safe to shore.” and “fire before us, you’re the brightest, you will lead us through the storms”. So good for my heart this morning. Just a reminder He is going before and behind us, and because of that we can face each day full of peace.

Y’all, one last thing. For my birthday, Scott let me order wood signs from my friend Angie. She has an etsy shop, Thirsty Heart Designs, that is incredible. She specialized in hand lettered items. So we gave Angie a couple of our favorite verses in Isaiah, and she wove them together and delivered our signs yesterday. I’ll leave photos of those below as well. Go check her Etsy store out here!!

Thanks for sticking with me. Love you all. Thank you for praying. Jesus is our only hope right now, and while it’s a sad and hard situation, it really is a blessing for Him to be all we have. Because we know in that that He is all we need.


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